Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the Chocolate kirtle - some photos :)

((Note that the kirtle is not finished in the photographs (the sleeves are absent, the neckline is unfinished in the back, the skirt is too long and unhemmed).))


  1. Your kirtle is AMAZING! What a fantastic fit and a truly medieval silhouette. Love the lacing, the color, the drape, everything. I can't wait to hear more about how you made it. I love the shape of the neckline especially. You look awesome!

    1. Oh my, thank you!! You can't imagine how happy your comment made me! :) (The dress is not finished yet, but I will start posting about the full process soon.)

  2. I LOVE the cap sleeve look of the shoulders... it vaguely reminds me of Eowyn's jumper in LOTR.

  3. Thank you! About the sleeves - actually there will be long sleeves in the end, but I like the sleeveless look too and would like to make a dress like that in the future. The dress is far from finished - the lace is just a thick cotton thread I had laying around (for lacing, I would like to make a fingerlooped braid of the same russet silk that I used for eyelets). The skirt will be shortened (although I do love the length right now, it is just hugely impractical...). Also, I have finished the back neckline in the meantime (I will be posting about the full process soon!).