Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tabletwoven silk band

I don't especially like tablet weaving because I find the necessary preparation for it wearisome and because the threads I've worked with so far tended to knot and fray and kind of full together - which is kind of a pity, really, because I find the technique fascinating and have read a lot of theoretical articles on it. 
 Yesterday I decided in the morning that I should try to do something with the huge reel of tussah silk that I purchased some time ago and haven't gotten the opportunity to try sewing with it yet.
I pulled out my old weaving tablets, made of playing cards (previously I used ones made of thick cardboard and it proved to be a frustrating experience) and started threading the holes with metres and metres of silk thread. Although I only used twelve tablets, the rigging itself took me several hours.
I was surprised how thin the band turned out; it is only 4,5 milimetres (0.18 inches) wide. I only worked on it for a few hours, so it is far, far from done, but I have to say I am quite pleased with how it turned out so far. It is such a simple, delicate thing. The silk retains its subtle, inconspicuous sheen, and the colour of the undyed tussah is really beautiful. Yesterday night I worked on it while watching the first part of the Hollow Crown series and I enjoyed those peaceful moments very much. :)

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