Saturday, November 9, 2013

Spinning fails

I finally got to doing some spinning. I ordered supplies - spindle, whorl and cheap, industrially-made woolen top - from shop.pallia.
I did manage to dress a broomstick...
 But my further efforts proved quite a struggle. I even broke my poor whorl :(.
As to the spinning itself... Not good, not good.

wtf is this
Cathelina di Alessandri has a wonderful research page on medieval (15th century) spinning, using bottom-whorled spindles. When done properly, the technique looks very graceful and pretty - there are several good illustrational youtube videos (most importantly Cathelina's). The spindle is never dropped as a regular drop spindle - it is twisted in fingers instead, and could be suspended on the yarn for a little while while it rotates, but otherwise is kept in hand.

Aaat least in theory... Watch me fail hilariously.

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